FiveStarsHoliday.com is an online publication, which focuses on high-quality content that can inform, educate and entertain our readers.
We cover variety of topics such as luxury travel, travel accessories, hotels and resorts, travel tips, celebrities and much more.

We use a light-hearted tone across all of our content in order to put our readers’ mind at ease when they research potential travel-related purchases or just if they want to read something that makes them feel relaxed and puts them at ease.

FiveStarsHoliday’s editorial team tries, and always will, its’ best in making sure that only the most accurate information and data will be published on our website.

However, if you believe that something is not accurate or completely wrong, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Dimitar Margaritov – Founder, Editor And Contributor  

Dimitar is an Internet entrepreneur, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

His primary goal is creating websites that attract audiences by publishing quality content that attracts readers via search engine optimization and social media.

He holds a business management degree from an UK university.


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