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Luxury Beach Resorts

Do you have a poster behind your office door to remind you of what’s coming? Your hard work should be rewarded with an exhilarating break away soon. And what’s better than stretching out on an idyllic beachfront.

But where will you go? We’ll tell you about five of the most outstanding luxury beach resorts from around the globe:
-J.K. Place, Italy
-North Island, Seychelles
-Weekapaug Inn, Rhode Island
-Atlantis, The Palm, UAE
-The Brando, Tahiti

But before you pick one and book those flights, let’s make sure everything about your holiday will be perfect.

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Who is Going With?

Will your friends and family enjoy the resort you pick? You may love the pictures you see online, but once you arrive, there better be appropriate services for your whole group:
-If your kids are going along, you’ll appreciate care services and activity programs.
-Elderly guests may need wheelchair facilities.
-If one in your group is an adventure junky, there must be something for him or her to do. They may not want to lie on the beach all day.

Make a list of everyone’s interests, and let’s find a resort that meets the needs.

What do You Look Forward to?

What do you want to remember once you’re back from the trip? Don’t skip the research and then realize you should have picked another venue:
-The ideal romantic getaway won’t be where you’re surrounded by loads of singles or rowdy teenagers. Look at provided services to get an idea of the resort’s target market.
-If you’re after some excellent nature photography, make sure there are places to visit nearby.
-If your family needs quality time, make sure the resort offers group activities.

No two resorts are the same. Find the one that caters for your specific needs.

Pick Your Time Wisely

Do you really need to go now, or can you wait a few weeks? Your timing will improve or ruin your holiday. Have you thought of these implications?
-Weather conditions will determine how much time you can spend outside. Research the area’s weather patterns for different times of the year.
-If you’re managing a tight budget, going outside of peak season could mean discounted rates.

A little patience will give you the holiday you deserve.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Don’t wait too long before you start planning. You’ll get the best out of your holiday if you plan a year ahead. You can research prices and even be eligible for early-bird discounts.

Is There a Package Deal?

Package deals have pros and cons. You’ll love the discounts you get on meals and transport, but be more limited in options. Unless you’re willing to spend more, you’ll have to take meals at the resort instead of heading into town and tasting local cuisine. But if the package makes some cash available to book unique experiences, it’s worth it.

Will You Love a Luxury Beach Resort Holiday?

Wait one second before you pick your favorite destination. Are you sure a luxury beach resort is what you need?

If you’re focused on relaxation, yes, make the booking. But individuals who love camping or stay in hotels for work a lot, tend to find luxury resorts slightly boring. Be clear about your goals, so the reality matches your expectations.

What Do You Know About Star Ratings?

One last thought: Is the luxury hotel really as amazing as its ratings tell you?

You may be surprised to know that ratings aren’t always standardized globally. What is seen as a two star hotel in your home country, may be a five star location elsewhere. To prevent misconceptions, it’s vital you read many reviews before booking.

But if you decide to go to one of these places, you can be sure you’ll find only the best.


J.K. Place, Italy

It’s like booking into your own private luxury estate at J.K. Place. Once it was a residence and today it’s your home away from home. This familiar feeling is enhanced by activity options such as picking your own chilies in the garden before dinner.

Of course you’ll find pasta on the menu. After all, you’re in Italy. This you can enjoy at one of the three eateries on site. And if you’re a real foodie, why not try the cooking classes?

-Amazing views of Gulf of Naples
-Private pool
-Spa available

-Not focused on family vacationing

North Island, Seychelles

Imagine one 2km² island and only 11 villas’ residents to enjoy it all. That’s what you’ll get at North Island. Because there’s everything from forests to water sports to enjoy, everyone will be stimulated. And when it’s time to rest, simply run to the beach. Resort employees will tend to your every need.

-Beautiful natural areas to explore
-Many activities
-Child friendly resort

-Mostly accessible by air only
-Can’t be accessed by people with disabilities
-Only for nature lovers

Weekapaug Inn, Rhode Island

What’s the reason holiday makers drift to Rhode Island? How about the exhilaration of being surrounded by ocean on three sides? And the Weekapaug Inn is ideal if you don’t want to join the huge crowds at larger resorts.

It’s been in business since the 1800s. Ever since then its two mile stretch of beach has been famous. Though it’s a classic building, the hotel is state of the art. You can even order all your amenities online and have it delivered to your door.

It’s classic and it’s luxurious.

-Many activities to keep you entertained
-Variety of dining options
-Caters for children

-Not ideal if you love a hub of activity

Atlantis, The Palm, UAE

If you need proof that you at last reached the ocean and can unwind, why not have the sea in your bedroom? That’s how Atlantis’ luxurious rooms are designed: Look at certain walls and you’ll look straight into the ocean. And when you get up after a well deserved rest, it’s time you go snorkel and meet the fish.

-Many activities such as beach parties
-Water park nearby
-Child services available

The Brando, Tahiti

Yes, this is where all Marlon Brando fans must go at least once. It was the actor’s private getaway and you’ll see why he loved it:
-It’s secluded
-You can enjoy natural surrounds
-Pick one of 35 villas as your own
-It’s an island and it’s yours to discover

Though it was started in the 1960s it has the latest technology and amenities you would expect from world class resorts.

-Spa services
-Eco-friendly structures

-Can only reach it by plane


Found your idyllic beach to unwind on yet? If you can’t make up your mind, we suggest you try Atlantis. You’ll get five star service and there’s enough to do for everyone. Because of the way they incorporate nature and the ocean into everything, all your senses will know you’re at last taking a break from busy city life. Have you booked your room yet?

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