Caribbean Luxury Vacations – Top 10 Destinations for a Luxury Holiday in the Caribbean

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Caribbean Luxury Vacations

Caribbean Luxury Vacations

The Caribbean is synonymous with relaxation. The best way to unwind and destress is at a luxury resort within one of the various Caribbean destinations. But we’re not just going to give you any destination. These ten have been handpicked by our travel enthusiasts, and they are guaranteed to provide you with the kind of holiday you need to completely relax.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is one of the few Caribbean island destinations that can be hired exclusively for your holiday period. But if you’re looking to treat it as a regular holiday destination, it’s one we highly recommend for various reasons.

The beauty of the island is breath-taking. Richard Branson owns the entire island and has made a point of creating a paradise fit for the elite. Over 200 flamingos inhabit the island and have become a signature attraction therein.

This Virgin Limited Edition hotel & resort destination proves its worth with unrivalled 5-star service from highly trained staff. Be sure to try as much food variety as you can. We know you’ll love their dishes as much as we did!

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

A must-see destination that screams “LUXURY” is Hermitage Bay in Antigua. The natural scenery makes for a perfect getaway—especially during the evenings. This location is well known for their magical sunsets and romantic resort settings.

The dining experience in Hermitage Bay is something you must experience at least once in your life. Although you’ll want to try their food more than once if you’ve had the pleasure. Their menu is populated with 5-star meals created and prepared by highly experienced chefs. We can guarantee you this: your taste buds will never be the same.

Calabash Luxury Boutique, Grenada

We love thinking back on Grenada, but specifically the Calabash boutique. If you’re one of those people who needs to be forced to relax, then the Calabash Luxury Boutique in Grenada is just for you. This destination is full of relaxing activities such as:

-Spa treatments

-Yoga classes

-Hydro massage bath

-Skincare sessions

-Swimming pools

-Lounge areas with free Wi-Fi and coffee

Their lunch & dinner menus are also high-end, with gourmet cuisine and 5-star service accompanying every meal experience. Go here if you wish to achieve spiritual wellbeing and the rebalancing of your mind.

Amanera, Dominican Republic

Amanera is one we had to include on our top 10 luxury Caribbean destination list. It’s an island that we consider to be one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. Complete with a fabulous golf course and various other beach-related activities, this has quickly become a keen favorite for the elite holiday maker.

It’s worth mentioning that Amanera, Playa Grande has recently delved into a culinary journey that includes organic farming for the freshest ingredients—both vegetable as well as protein. Italian cuisine is the dominant attraction here, implementing fresh homemade pasta dishes together with sauces and protein options that are absolutely to die for.

There’s lots to do at the Belmond Cap Juluca Hotel in Anguilla—but if there’s one we recommend, it’s the kayaking. This activity is the perfect opportunity to take in the scenery of the Caribbean. Take a slow row over the sparkling blue waters of the calm ocean front and enjoy a magical outlook on the natural environment.

When you’re done, relax at this amazing hotel with some high-end spa treatments. Then make your way to their in-house restaurant where tropical cuisine is the order of every day.

La Toubana Hotel & Spa, Guadeloupe

Choose from one of 21 5-star bungalows when you book your holiday at the La Toubana Hotel & Spa. Guadeloupe is a beautiful segment of the Caribbean that’s surrounded by gorgeous displays of nature.

If the rustic adventure of a bungalow isn’t quite your scene, this hotel also makes available the option to stay in a suite; complete with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a mini kitchen and cable TV. Book your suite early though, as there are only 12 available. If you want to go super fancy, try out one of their 3 villas which are furnished according to a modern colonial theme.

French Coco, Martinique

When we checkout hotels, we love experiencing the culture of the landscape as well as enjoying the luxury of a modern hotel. That’s exactly what you’re in for when you choose the French Coco Hotel in Martinique. It’s the kind of place where you can intermingle with the people, with the option to retreat to your 5-star hotel room which is equipped with everything you need to relax and unwind.

The Palms Turks and Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands

Here’s one for the books! The Palms Turks and Caicos Hotel is completely surrounded by lush, beautiful gardens and an ocean view that will take your breath away. In addition to the glorious scenery, you’ll enjoy a convenient business centre, internet access and some of the best food the Caribbean islands have to offer.

Jumby Bay, Antigua

The Jumby Bay resort in Antiqua is the kind of Caribbean destination that gives you that private luxury island feel. What we loved about this holiday resort is that it is completely secluded away from the noisier areas of the island, meaning you can completely relax without being hindered by distractions. If eating great food and relaxing in a heated pool all day is your idea of the perfect holiday, then this one is a must!

Galley Bay, St John’s, Antigua

Nothing beats the kind of beach holiday you’ll enjoy at the Galley Bay Resort in St. John’s. This casual holiday destination gives you access to one of the most scenic beaches in the Caribbean, as well as the luxury you’d expect from a 5-star resort. The suites are beautifully furnished with modern décor, while various amenities are also made available to guests who just want to chill.


Any one of these destinations will put your mind back into a balanced state, rejuvenating you for your daily work routine. If you have visited any of these luxury Caribbean resorts or hotels, tell us about it via the comment section below and help others make the best choice for their own holiday adventure.

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