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Collapsible water bottlers for travel offer a host of benefits to avid travelers in that they are durable and lightweight and are ideal for backpacking light. Whether up for an adventure, nature trip, or hiking, it is always wise to pack efficiently to feel less burdened by heavy gear and enjoy your time off and away from home.

A collapsible water bottle will help you save space and travel with ease as you trade bulky staff for comfort and experience. But when it comes to accessories and gear, there is a lot of variation depending on your trip and planned activities. Here are some collapsible water bottles to maximize space, save weight, and minimize your ecological footprint.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is made to last, and it is no surprise that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Nomader is made from soft, thick, shatterproof silicone which is food-grade and free of toxic substances such as phthalates, latex, lead, BPS, and BPA. It is designed for lightweight travel and comes with loops to fit on your wrist and save space.

The leak-proof cap helps avoid spills and keeps dust, bacteria, and grime away which is especially important when travelling with young kids. This is also a good choice when travelling to locations that lack proper sanitation and sewage facilities and germs are plentiful.

The fact that Nomader has a wide mouth is an added benefit as it is easy to clean on the road. If you travel to places where you are at risk of catching a virus, an easy-to-clean bottle is a must.

This collapsible bottle is easy to carry and pack and is good for both cold and hot beverages. It is a handy accessory to bring on your trip to stay hydrated and comes in different colors to match your outfit. You can choose from red, purple, orange, and aqua blue.

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TTYY Outdoor Sport Water Bottle

Whether going on vacation or a hiking, camping, or rock climbing trip, this water bottle can be a handy addition to your travel gear. It is portable, compact, and lightweight to save valuable storage space when you hit the road.

Unlike promotional travel drinkware which tends to break and dent, the TTYY Outdoor Sport Water Bottle is made of high-quality RF and TPU welded joints that are highly durable. It is a handy travel gear to keep you well-hydrated regardless of weather conditions and climate.

When travelling to cold places, you can fill it with tea and other hot beverages and if you are up for a beach vacation, you can add ice or even freeze it. It is free of harmful materials such as PVC and BPA that can release toxins and are a health risk. This bottle is safe to use and is an eco-friendly solution for a short trip or a long vacation.

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Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Water Bottle

This sports water bottle has a double-wall design and comes in different colors and sizes (64, 40, 32, 24, and 18 oz.). The protective bumper is made from silicone which is durable and wear-resistant and does not dent or crack easily. The insulated lid helps avoid annoying spills and leaks while on the road and makes it easy to chug, pour, and sip from the bottle. The insulated lid and double-wall design help keep drinks cold or hot for longer which makes this bottle a good choice for a long hike or trip.

When weather is hot, drinks stay ice-cold for 24 hours to slake your thirst and keep you hydrated throughout the day. The bottle is made from stainless steel of food-grade quality and is free of BPA and other harmful materials. The fact that it is made from recyclable materials makes this bottle an environmentally-friendly solution to minimize your carbon footprint.

The Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Water Bottle comes in a range of colors and shades, including red, violet, teal, solar, slate, onyx, lime, and others.

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Monrocco 600ML Sports Water Bottle

This collapsible water bottle is reusable, lightweight, compact, and durable which makes it a good choice for long-distance trails and travel to remote locations.

It is durable and leak-proof to suit an active lifestyle, whether backpacking, hunting, caving, hiking, or going on safari.

When travelling abroad and to isolated and remote locations, good hygiene is a must. This water bottle comes with a cleaning brush to clean with ease and stay healthy on the road.

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Survivor Filter

This portable water filter can be a good choice for places with sanitation and hygiene issues. Many places around the world lack basic facilities and are unsafe to travel unless you have proper gear.

When travelling to countries and regions where poor sanitation is a health hazard, a water filter can help protect you against hygiene-related diseases such as scabies, hot tub rash, head lice, chronic diarrhea, and many others.

The Survival Filter can be a good solution for long-distance travel as it helps remove staphylococci and other viruses, protozoa, and bacteria.

The filter also eliminates lead and mercury from water. The protective mouthpiece is designed to keep diseases away.

The device features three filters – a cotton pre-filter, replaceable carbon filter, and membrane ultra filter to purify water and avoid picking up germs.

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HYDAWAY New Collapsible Pocket

Another handy solution for lightweight travel, the HYDAWAY New Collapsible Pocket is designed to fit in your backpack, hiking daypack, work daypack, and even purse. It is watertight and leak-proof to prevent spills and leaks and to keep drinks cold or hot.

This collapsible pocket is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and drinks are sure to stay odor- and taste-free.

It is available in bright, vibrant colors and collapses to just 1¼”.

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HYDAWAY Solo Travel Pack

This travel pack comes with a comfortable carry handle, flip-up straw, and zipper opening. The Infinity clip allows you to fasten it to a belt loop or backpack. The case is durable, lightweight, compact, and watertight. The bottle is fully collapsible and dishwasher safe and is free of toxic substances that release cancer-causing toxins.

HYDAWAY Solo Travel Pack comes in two sizes 12 oz. and 21 oz., depending on the size you feel comfortable with and need for your travel. This bottle can be a good choice for outdoor recreation and activities such as picnicking and camping, mushroom hunting, rock climbing, trekking, and canyoning.

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EVXVE Travel Collapsible Water Bottle

A foldable, leak-proof water bottle, EVXVE is made from silicone to use for both hot and cold beverages with temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 120℃. The food-grade silicon is free of hazardous substances such as PVC, BPS, and BPA which makes it safe to use by the whole family.

The fact that it is fitted with a check valve makes it completely leak-proof and safe to carry around by young members of the family. The bottle comes with a soft brush for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.  The wide mouth also allows for easy cleaning and throwing pieces of fruit or ice cubes.

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CHICMODA Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle

Thanks to its innovative portable design, this water bottle can be easily folded to save backpack space. It is lightweight and easy to carry around, whether going camping, cycling, sightseeing, or shopping. You can use it across a host of outdoor activities such as horse-riding, rafting, kayaking, dog-sledding, and treasure hunting.

The bottle is 100-percent BPA-free which makes it a safe and eco-friendly choice for outdoor recreation. It comes with a metal hook and anti-leak silicon cap to avoid spills regardless of terrain difficulty. This pocket-size bottle is also easy to clean and is completely dust-proof.

It comes in fashionable colors such as pink, gray, and aqua blue to help you choose a bottle to match your favorite outfit.

Whether going trail running, motor cycling, beach bike riding or fishing, this foldable bottle comes handy for outdoor activities, sports, and travel.

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Mylivell Collapsible Water Bottle

Unlike bottles made from aluminum or glass that can be heavy and take a lot of space, this ultra portable collapsible bottle is made from soft silicon and is lightweight and compact. It will not crack, dent, or shatter like bottles made from plastic or glass. It features a clip to attach to your wear, bag, belt, or backpack which makes it easy to carry around.

Thanks to the tight cap, it is guaranteed that it will never leak. This bottle is non-toxic and safe as the food-grade silicon is free of BPA and has SGS and FDA certificates. The bottle comes in two sizes, 17 oz. and 11 oz., and in four fashionable colors – purple, blue, red, and yellow.

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Collapsible water bottles come in a great variety in terms of size, features, materials, and design. When travelling lightweight is a priority, a collapsible bottle can be a good solution to pack light and ensure regular hydration. In addition to freeing up some backpack space, this is one way to help minimize your environmental footprint as production creates less pollution and saves valuable resources.

Before buying a collapsible bottle, it pays to think of where and how often you will use it. Some products are designed to keep you hydrated on multi-day and long trips while others can be used in different settings. The choice of bottle depends on whether you will need it for everyday use, for your soccer practice or gym routine, or for overseas travel.

Weigh factors such as ease of use, durability, weight, and accessories. Bottles come with different designs and features such as spouts, flip tops, straw lids, and screw caps. Some come with narrow mouths while others feature wide mouths to consume more water throughout the day. All this can be of help when looking for the right water bottle to keep you company wherever you are or plan to go.


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