European Luxury Resorts: Top 5 Best Luxury Resorts In Europe

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European Luxury Resorts

European Luxury Resorts

Packed with history, architecture and entertainment, it’s difficult to make a decision. Which European destination is the best to visit this year?

We make it easy to pick a European destination with this informative list. We know these luxury resorts will cater for all you could possibly require. But use the list below to find the one most appropriate to your tastes:
-JW Marriot Venice Resort and Spa, France
-Ashford Castle, Ireland
-Belmond Castello Di Casole, Italy
-Six Senses Duoro Valley, Portugal
-Amanzoe, Greece

If all of them seem remarkable, these tips will help you find the perfect holiday resort.

Value Selection

Who Do They Cater For?
Who is going on the trip with you? If you’re looking for a place your children will enjoy too, enquire about activities, child care and amenities. Will they have baby care products on hand if one of your items get lost during the trip?

Alternatively, you may want a spot that specifically caters for couples. You don’t want to be disturbed during your honeymoon do you?

Ask About Activities
You’re probably planning on resting a lot. But what will you do when you get your energy back?

Most resorts offer activities, but make sure there’s enough to keep you busy in a manner you prefer. If you love an active lifestyle and you find out there’s no gym, you’ll wish you did some more research.

What is the Target Market?
An easy way of finding out if you’ll enjoy your time at a resort, is by looking at its ad campaign:
– What age group features most?
– Do they cater for elderly people at all?
– What activities do the ads focus on?

This signals what the resort’s specialty is. If you want an ultimate spa experience while you’re there, your selected resort must at least show some expertise in this area.

Ask About the Food
Don’t accept that the resort will provide any meal you dream of. What if they’re focused on healthy living and you’re in the mood for a hamburger or some bacon?

You should also ask how they cater for special dietary requirements:
-Diabetic meals
-Cultural or religious preferences
-Gluten free meals
You don’t want to arrive for a relaxing holiday and realize you can barely eat anything that’s on the menu.

Transport Options and Travelling Distances
What if you pick a remote destination? Are you sure you can get there easily? This is important for effortless vacationing, but also for emergency situations where you may need medical assistance.

Luxury resorts should provide adequate facilities, but it may happen according to a set schedule. If you need additional peace of mind that you’ll be able to leave quickly if necessary, look for resorts located near airstrips.

Ready to pick your next dream holiday?


JW Marriot Venice Resort and Spa

This isn’t only a resort. It’s a private island.

But don’t think the limited space will bore you. At Venice’s JW Marriot resort everyone’s entertained with the range of activities:
-Water sports
-Different restaurants

And everywhere you’ll find spectacular gardens to relax in.

-Child friendly resort
-Select stunning views of either the city or the sea
-Old architecture to view
-Spa available

-Make sure you know how to reach the main land if an emergency should arise

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Are you in the mood for something a little more classic? Head over to Ireland’s Ashford Castle.

It’s an estate reminiscent of previous centuries, since the original buildings date back to the 1200s. But today it’s fitted with everything you expect from modern luxury resorts:
-A cinema
-Wine cellars
-Variety of sports facilities

You may even see a few members of the royal family while you’re at Ashford. Because of the quality service, it’s no wonder it has won various awards since its opening in 2015.

-Allocated kids’ areas and activities
-Family activities
-High speed Wi-Fi
-Variety of restaurants

-It’s also used for weddings and events, which may disrupt the relaxed atmosphere

Belmond Castello, Italy

Another resort with a touch of history is the Belmond Castello that was built on the ruins of a castle. These ruins date back to the tenth century, so history lovers will enjoy staying here.

What will you do during your stay? Remember, Italy is wine country, so you can enjoy the 4200 acre estate’s products, or visit the other wine merchants in Tuscany.

When you want to relax, you have options:
-Visit the spa or pool area
-The resort has a wellness focus and offers private instructions
-Enjoy the restaurants
-Take part in art or cooking classes

There’s a lot to do and enough space to simply relax. What are you after?

-Suites and penthouse available
-Adventure sports are done in the area

-Limited amenities for children

Six Senses, Duoro Valley

Get away from it all by placing yourself high in the Duoro Valley, with a tranquil view of the river below.

This Six Senses resort offers you a chance to get away from it all, with just enough activities to keep you stimulated. Apart from a spa, excellent dining and the pool, you’ll enjoy these unique activities:
-Traditional tile painting
-Wine library
-Organic garden

It’s where you go to escape the city.

-Specialty suites available
-Villa suites are ideal for families
-Healthy eating options available

-Extreme cold and hot temperatures occur

Amanzoe, Greece

Live like a Greek god for a while and book into Amanzoe’s breath-taking marble facilities. It caters for most reasons you decide to book into a resort:
-Some adventure
-A relaxing cruise
-Time with your family
-Overall wellness

Activities support all these focus areas, such as their wellness services that include specialists on site, diet customization and even gymnastics.

All of this is yours combined a view of the Aegean Sea.

-Pick a villa, cabana or pavilion, depending on your preference
-Historical places to visit are close
-Porto Heli is 10 minutes away, to experience local culture

-Summer can become quite hot


Which one sounds like the dream holiday you’ve been craving? We suggest you start your travels with a visit to Greece, at Amanzoe. The luxury living and interesting local activities, enable Amanzoe to cater for you and your companions, no matter their preferences. Enjoy making memories.

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