Luxury Spa Resorts: Top 4 Best Luxury Spa Resorts In The World

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Luxury Spa Resorts

Luxury Spa Resorts

It’s the ultimate way to get back to feeling your old self again. A rejuvenating spa holiday.

But do you simply pick anywhere? No. Spas don’t offer the same features and you have unique needs & preferences.

Below we’ll help you realize what you need, and then you can pick your favorite destination from our list of top resorts:

Villa Stephanie, Germany
The Spa, Four Seasons, Koh Samui
Raas Devigarh, India

Which of these will match your requirements?

Value Section

Use this as your checklist. If you consider all these aspects in making your decision, your next spa experience will be phenomenal.

What’s Your Goal?
Why are you planning the trip? Are you going on vacation, or does it relate to health and fitness?

Some spas specialize in helping people regain their health. This approach will permeate to everything from the food to the activities. But if this isn’t what you’re after, you may find the treatments rigorous instead of relaxing.

Ask about the spa’s focus areas so you know which place will serve your current needs best.

What Type of Treatments Do You Need?

Your goal also relates to the treatments you’ll book. Do you want to experience something new, or simply enjoy your favorite hot stone back massage?

Don’t take the risk of arriving and not liking the treatments on offer.

If you have a specific goal, look for a spa that specializes in those treatments so you know you get the best results in the end.

And remember, even a spa can get boring. If you’re staying for long, you also want variety in activities.

Consider the Menu

Food can make or break your trip.

Research the resort’s menus and how they use food as part of the spa treatments. If your aim is to lose weight, you need nutritious food and not to be tempted with a tantalizing high carb menu. In contrast, you may want those scrumptious greasy meals if you simply want to relax.

Pick the Right Environment & Atmosphere

What makes you relax? For some people it’s nature, while others want to be surrounded by technology and people.

Don’t expect every spa will match your preferences. If you need to get away from everything, a small intimate resort, far away from civilization may be your answer. But if you’ll enjoy going out for dinner or shopping during your retreat, book a spa in or near a city.

Ask About Activities

Do you only want to relax, or will you need some entertainment too?

Rock climbing, hiking or some educational seminars can enhance your stay. A fitness driven retreat will be complemented by gym facilities and yoga classes. Or perhaps you simply want a comfortable lounge to read your book or talk with friends.

What are your favorite things to do? Make sure the spa you pick will provide amenities to enjoy them.

Vet the Spa

Yes, a spa getaway is all about the fun elements. But did you think about their health and safety features? Do your research beforehand to ensure your stay is frustration free:
What do their reviews say about them?
What steps do they take to keep the resort hygienic?
Make sure you’re not allergic to anything on their product list.

This is how you find the perfect spa for your future trips. Will it be to one of these resorts?


Villa Stephanie, Germany

This is where you go for a health orientated spa break away. The resort even has medical personnel on staff.

The health treatments will be customized to your needs, but you can also enjoy relaxing facials and massages.

Here’s a unique feature: Simply press a button to disable Wi-Fi in your room for a complete escape from technology and society for a while.

– Activities such as yoga and kickboxing available
– Small intimate villa with 15 rooms

– Not ideal for those craving entertainment or interaction

The Spa, Four Seasons, Koh Samui

Thailand is famous for a few tourist attractions. Getting quality spa treatments is one of them, and you can’t do better than this establishment at the Four Seasons.

Pick the approach you prefer. The spa caters for spiritual journeys and wellness, or you can simply enjoy:
-The salon

This spa incorporates herbal and holistic methods that have been passed down for centuries. It’s all about refreshing body, mind and soul.

In line with international standards, you’ll be treated in private rooms called ‘salas’.

-Kids activities available
-Couples options are perfect for honeymooners
-Enjoy the secret beach

-Not ideal for conservative travelers, not interested in local remedies

Raas Devigarh, India

Who doesn’t want to live in a palace for a few days?

In the beautiful Rajasthan building you’ll be treated like royalty while you enjoy the treatments. Have you heard of the Devi Blessings, unique to the spa? The process takes you on a nine day journey, focusing on:
-Self reflection
-Finding peace
-Ancient healing techniques

Or perhaps you’ll enjoy a scrub with 200 year old Himalayan salt?

The atmosphere is complemented by mountain views, Bhutanese chants, lots of flowers and herbal teas. All your senses are stimulated in the therapy the Raas Devigarh offers.

-Gym facilities available
-Swimming pool
-Many restaurants
-Close to Delwara

Tschuggen Bergoase spa, Switzerland

This is where you go if you need a total change of scenery. Your facilities blend in with the snowy surrounds of Switzerland’s trees and mountains, thanks to the glass & marble used in the structures.

Though you’ll feel secluded, you’re still near the Grand Hotel in Arosa.

You can enjoy:
-Beauty treatments

It’s not snowing all year, so you can enjoy:
-A variety of pools
-Sun terraces

In this cold environment, your most memorable moments will probably be here:
-In the mountain sauna
-Sitting in the steam room
-Enjoying the unique ice and shower zones

-Caters for fitness and overall wellness goals
-Variety of restaurants
-Beautiful scenery to view

-Extreme cold may not be beneficial for all health goals


This list offers something for everyone and we think the Raas Devigarh will be fit for anyone. With features that stimulate all the senses in unique ways, you’re sure to walk away refreshed. You can view the old architecture and the nearby city center, so you’ll never get bored. Look after your soul. Book your spa getaway.

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